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The Engage Team

Contract Manufacturing

Engage Engineering is a small contract manufacturing company located in Carlsbad, CA. with a faculty of 5 employees.

Engage Engineering has been serving the opto-mechanical market for over 14 years and have at least 60 years of combined experience among staff. They are very proud that their experience, quality, and attention to detail earned the company the JVC Outstanding Supplier Award. Engage Engineering is committed to remaining ISO 9001 Quality compliant because we believe in it’s benefits. For more information, see Engage Engineering’s Company Video on YouTube.

They say Info is POWER

But we believe that this power gets you nowhere unless it is ENGAGED. Combining constant communication, responsiveness, and commitment ENGAGES this power for use on your project. As you know, when you’re ENGAGED on a topic, things go smooth and fast. Time just seems to fly. We get your jobs done quicker, so you can ship sooner. And on budget.

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We're easy to work with!

  • We’re a small business concern with no red tape or non-value added hoops to jump through. Some contract manufacturing companies don’t make it easy to do business with them. But we do.
  • Hyper-responsiveness to your inquiries so you can get back at it ASAP
  • Experienced design and manufacturing engineering on site so you don’t get constant calls about the minute details. For once!

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Tools that Matter

  • SolidWorks 2012-2017 used to import and help build your project
  • Class 100 Laminar Flow hood for FOD-free work
  • Dedicated workspaces for Mech, Opto, and Electro production projects
  • Relationships with the best complimentary manufacturers in the area

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Responsive and Proactive

“The team at Engage Engineering is really first rate.  We have used them several times for the design & manufacture of high precision optical assembly tooling and each time that have successfully delivered on time.  While their quality and on time delivery is great, I believe it’s their customer service that really sets them apart.  Eric and his team are both very responsive and proactive.  They understand what we need to be successful and they make it happen.  I highly recommend Engage Engineering.”

James Porter, Technical Project Manager, Rockwell Collins Optronics

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Outstanding Supplier

“We have done business with Eric and Engage Engineering for many years, and have always been impressed with their attention to detail, product quality, and timely delivery. Eric takes great care with his clients’ needs and always maintains excellent communication on projects. Engage Engineering was awarded the Outstanding Supplier Award in 2013 for their excellent service to JVC. I would highly recommend Engage Engineering and look forward to continuing working with them for years to come.”

Rod Sterling, Chief Engineer, JVCKENWOOD

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A Pleasure to Work with

“I have always received great service from Eric Norling and his technical team at Engage Engineering. Timing and quality have met my expectations and everything is communicated in a professional and timely manner. They are a pleasure to work with and are always accommodating.”

Armando Mendoza, Site Manager, L-3 Communications: Link Simulation & Training

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Our Recent Work

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Company Bios

Eric Norling

Eric Norling, President

Eric started Engage Engineering doing contract manufacturing back in 2002.  Eric has a mechanical engineering degree with over 30 years of experience in product design, manufacturing, & project management. Over time, he has established relationships with a wide client base in multiple industries including  JVC, L3 Link, Rockwell Collins, SAIC, US Navy, and many others. These clients have continued to enjoy the high level of commitment and attention to detail that Eric provides on every project.

Dave Fang, Operations Manager

Dave has over 18 years of experience in the product development support, project management, and manufacturing of opto-electronics, opto-mechanical and semiconductor products and systems. Dave has experience in managing manufacturing work-centers that produced electro-optical and mechanical modules used in head mounted displays (HMDs) and precision targeting & weapon systems. He implemented new production processes, identified process improvements, supported on time delivery (OTD), and standardized work quality. He studied at UC Davis in the field of Electrical Engineering.

Alex Biller, Production Projects Manager & Quality Control

Alex has grown into the role of Production Projects Manager and overseeing Quality Control procedures in the past year. Alex now manages purchasing and inventory, does all of our invoicing, regularly documents procedures in our Manufacturing Manuals, and checks the quality of all assembly. Alex’s great organizational skills he learned at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo keep us on top of projects, and keep us in business.

Maureen Duarte, Process Technician

Electro-Mechanical Assembly, electronic wire routing & crimping, arclamp testing, configuring electronic modules, final system test, packing, shipping & receiving…Maureen helps do it all!

Maureen has been a process technician with Engage Engineering for many years, beginning in 2010 when assembly was still run out of Eric’s garage. Maureen has helped with all aspects of mechanical and electronic assembly, and always does it with a smile.


Kim Foster, Process Technician

Electro-Mechanical Assembly, electronic wire routing & crimping, arclamp testing, configuring electronic modules, final system test, packing, shipping & receiving…Kim helps do it all!

Kim is the newest member of the Engage team, starting as an assembly contractor. Her many years of experience as a process technician with other engineering firms ensure that our assembled parts are in the right hands.